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Innova Advanced Technologies has been founded in 2020 by seasoned from the semiconductor industry.

The « Innova Project and Design Management (PDM) Platform » is a unique Design flow and resource management (EDA license & LSF-based jobs) management tool.

It is intended for designers as well as design managers of complex and multi-domain projects, ranging from microelectronics to computer science. It helps them to manage projects and resources in one unique place.

« Innova Project and Design Management (PDM) Platform » offers a single portal that links areas that were, until now, considered separately. This includes all management of resources of a complex design project: design tasks and tools, human resources but also required design resources such as hardware and software systems (design software, design flows, libraries, etc.)

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Being fully compatible with design and IT systems in place, this disruptive solution serves as a single portal. It helps reduce the complexity of using tools and dedicated design environments. Thanks to our solution, optimal decisions can be made in terms of project design and monitoring.

For each design step, dozens of software packages are required and often several hundred design engineers are involved throughout a project such as designing a communication circuit or a microprocessor.

There are also significant intangible resources involved: predesigned blocks, various software and design flows, computer resources (server farms, etc.), and libraries in connection with companies manufacturing electronic components.

Innova PDM
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« Innova Design and Project Management (DPM) Platform » propose un portail unique reliant des domaines considérés jusque-là de manière totalement séparée : gestion des tâches et outils de conception, gestion des ressources nécessaires lors de la conception systèmes tant matériels que logiciels (flots de conception, logiciels de conception, bibliothèques) mais également les ressources humaines impliquées dans un projet de conception complexe.



Les utilisateurs types de « Innova DPM Platform » sont tant les ingénieurs concepteurs que les responsables de la gestion de projets de conception ou « Chip Leads ». En effet, il s’agit d’avoir une plateforme unique permettant de suivre l’exploitation des outils existants et d’en optimiser leur utilisation, mais également de profiter d’un partage de bonnes pratiques tels que les flots de conception les plus adaptés.



Easily Access, Reuse and Monitor Complex Design Flows

API-based platform to create, extend and manage design flows, with different releases. A full correlation is provided with jobs, users, and design projects.


Create, reuse & build complex design flows
Link design flows & users releases to design projects and engineering resources
Monitor real-time and report flow and release execution with consistent data
Open environment and dashboards for CAD, designers, and management teams
GUI and script-based APIs

« Innova PDM Platform » ensures real-time interaction between design tasks and associated management decisions such as resource allocation and management.
This guarantees much greater predictability in the evolution of complex projects. Unique project management features are offered such as the ability to manage tasks, human,  and material resources through simplified task assignments.

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Monitor Realtime & Optimize Jobs, EDA Tool Licenses & Engineering Resources

API-based capabilities to track licenses/tools usage and LSF based jobs with custom report generation.

Create links between design flows & used resources for complex SoC design projects
Track and report real-time licenses and executions of EDA flows and tools
Open environment & dashboards for procurement, CAD and projects managers
Fully customizable features and environment


Thanks to the « Innova PDM Platform », it is possible to consult information related to current projects: progress, rate of occupation of human resources, the anticipation of possible delays and the effects they may have on the rest of the design chain, etc.
Capitalization on past experiences is also possible through consultation and a deep reporting of past projects.

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It was great meeting you at DAC 2023. We look forward to meeting you again at San Franciso this June 2024!


Chouki Aktouf, the Innova CEO gave an interview at IPSoC Grenoble explaining the benefits of using Innova PDM


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Innova Emerges From Stealth With Design Flow, Resource Management Portal

Podcast on Semiwiki: Managing Design Flows and EDA Resources with Innova 


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INNOVA technologies serve both semiconductor & electronics industries to help containing design cost in compliance with eco-design criteria 


The INNOVA PDM project is co-financed by the European Union in the scope of the "Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER) " 

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