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Innova finalizes its flow and resource management software platform and opens up to the international market.

April 2, 2024 – Innova Advanced Technologies, a French company that has developed a revolutionary design project management platform, announces the finalization of its flow and resource management platform and its ambition to open up to the international market.

The Project and Design Management (PDM) software platform developed by Innova Advanced Technologies manages design flow and tools, human resources, and required design resources in a single fully secured cohesive portal. With the use of Machine Learning technology, the platform helps predicting design resources for new design projects, analyzing and fixing data from previous design project.

Chouki Aktouf, co-founder of the resource management software by Innova

“Our solution is unique on the market. By simplifying flow and resource management for complex electronic design projects, the Innova PDM platform allows EDA tools and computing resource cost reduction up to 30%. It is also a great platform for engineering resources optimization” says Chouki Aktouf – CEO and co-founder.


The growing complexity of electronics design project intensifies the need for resource optimization.

With the emergence of new needs for electronics, design projects are faced with new challenges. Designs are becoming increasingly complex in terms of development. This means that they require a growing number of EDA tools, digital & hardware resources, and human resources.

At the same time, budgets have not increased proportionately. It is therefore essential to manage resources as efficiently as possible.

According to a 2021 study by LifeCycle Insights, 58% of new product design projects result in unbudgeted additional costs and schedule delays. Only one in four projects is completed on time and within budget.


The PDM platform is used for

The PDM platform has been developed to help design and procurement teams to face design resources challenge and better plan the access to shared design resources. More precisely, it provides a centralized solution for efficiently predicting and tracking design projects and the related resources, offering a comprehensive solution for design professional teams and managers alike.


First users fully satisfied.

For the past 18 months, the platform has been used by an academic microelectronic design center - CIME Nanotech - to optimize its internal project resources. CIME Nanotech is a joint technology platform of Grenoble INP and UGA. It supports trainers, researchers and companies in their microelectronics, nanotechnology and nanoscience projects.

The results are excellent. Thanks to the PDM platform, we have provided to our CAD team a much better visibility about EDA tools licenses and their usage. We have also been able to allocate our human resources optimally to manage several projects in parallel. At this stage, the platform has definitively saved us a lot of time” states the CIME management.


Advances in AI as an asset for predictability and resource management

The Innova PDM software platform is not only a design resource management and reporting tool. Thanks to the integration of AI and machine learning, it also enables to anticipate needed resources for future projects. By using most best-in class AI libraries, before starting a new design project PDM software provides the infrastructure to automatically read resources information, qualify data and report about needed resources. For instance, how many license tokens are expected in time for one or several EDA tools.

“Our tool stores and analyzes information from previous projects. From these, we can extract patterns in resource management. So, when developing a new design project, the platform integrates the data and automatically launches the prediction process to help determining in an easy way the most suitable resource configuration for this new project” explains Chouki.


A need for international companies

Now on, Innova Advanced Technologies plans to open ups to the international market. Electronics and Microelectronics companies worldwide are all concerned by resource management and cost issues for complex system, electronic and microelectronic systems. Innova's solution is unique on the market. Its ease of use and customization make it suitable for all types of companies with design development projects.

The PDM platform is a nonintrusive product. It is therefore fully compatible with secure projects in domains such as automotive, avionics or energy management. The software is installed in an internal environment and guarantees a high level of security in terms of access and use.

“Our plan is lead the market of design resource management for chip and electronic design with a first presence as soon as 2024 in North America and in Asia” adds Chouki.

Interesting in our solution? Contact us for more information.


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